Holy Baptism

The sacrament of Holy Baptism is rooted in the teachings of the Bible and holds great importance in the life of believers and the community of faith.

Lutherans view baptism as a means of God's grace and a visible sign of initiation into the Christian community. We see it as a powerful act where individuals are united with Christ, marked as a child of God and welcomed into the Christian community.

Baptism may happen at any point in one's life. Infant baptism is widely practiced, symbolizing God's unconditional love and grace even before an individual can fully comprehend it.

Baptism is usually performed in a public worship service by the pouring or sprinkling of water. The baptismal candidate is marked with oil as a sign of the Holy Spirit and receives a baptismal candle - being encouraged to let their light shine! Once baptized, that person becomes a member of the congregation.

If you are interested in Holy Baptism, please inquire with our pastor. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss this important step of faith.