Worship at Holy Spirit

Arriving at Holy Spirit, you will come into our open space Narthex where there could be kids colouring, people chatting or even having a cup of coffee already! Feel free to walk about and look around. Someone is likely to welcome you!  When you're ready, take a seat in the sanctuary or ask an usher to help you find one.

We are a "liturgical" church. This means we follow a pattern of worship through the year that follows the life of Jesus. You will notice different colours and visual displays that reflect the season or theme we are currently within.

Worship Begins at 10:00 am

Everything you need will be up on the screen. We're trying to do our part to care for the environment and one small way is to use less paper. Should you need help with anything in worship, put up a hand and an usher will assist you. Worship is approximately 1 hour.

We celebrate Holy Communion on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. This holy sacrament is a gift from God to us and we come by God's invitation. This means you are welcome to receive Holy Communion regardless of where you are in your faith journey or where you have come from, even if it's your first time here. Children are also encouraged to be nourished with God's holy food!

We celebrate with bread, gluten free wafers, wine and juice. Don't be afraid to ask for what you need. You may also come forward to receive a blessing if you prefer not to commune with these elements.

Some Sundays we mark special themes to help us learn about justice, affirmation, reconciliation, healing and more. 


The scriptures teach us a lot about the generosity of God to all of Creation. We don't give in order to earn God's favour or to meet a budget, but because we want to celebrate and participate in God's generosity. You may hear us talk about stewardship or tithing and that's because we teach intentional giving. That means we don't just give out of what is left over from our income or enough to get by, but we make an intentional commitment to support ministry.

Monetary support for Holy Spirit's ministry may be made through various means (cash, check, pre-authorized remittance, etransfer, and more.) Offerings are usually received during worship, but you may connect with us through the week too.


Children come forward for a Children's Time on Sundays. After this brief message, they are welcome to return to the pew or, September through May, to Sunday School. They are encouraged to join in Holy Communion.

We welcome their voices, energy and gifts as they explore our space. They may wander around the Narthex under a watchful eye or play with toys in the library.


We are grateful to have many gifted people in our community! Our choir is hard at work September through May with regular practices as they prepare for seasonal offerings. Our choir director, Jared, always loves to have new members!


Sometimes playfully called the "third sacrament" in Lutheran circles, we encourage you to stay for a time of fellowship after worship over a cup of coffee and to sign our guest book. A sense of belonging and safe community are important in our gatherings.

Join On Line

Our services are live-streamed on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/channe... Even though you may not be here in person, we encourage you to participate in worship from home or when away. Light a candle, gather with friends or family, sing along! You are welcome to include greetings, comments, prayers in the chat, as well as, setting out your own elements for Holy Communion. If you're new, joining on line is a great way to explore services before you come in person!